Linux Installation

4 Sep, 2014
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We are a distinguished Service Provider offering dependable Linux Installation Services. Linux, originally created by Linus Torvalds, is an operating system that is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. It behaves like Unix, but does not come from the same source code base. Linux is available in both source code and binary form.

Linux offers standard Unix features, such as multiuser support, multitasking, networking, and POSIX compliance. It supports all the standard Unix utilities and can compile most major Unix packages with little effort. DOS emulation is also available, and an X Window System-based Microsoft Windows compatibility layer, called Wine, is in development.

The complete Linux operating system consists of the Linux core, or kernel, combined with the utilities and applications required for a fully functional operating system. There are several such combinations, called distributions, put out by various companies, and there is no such thing as an official version.

Following are some of the most common package management programs :

  • Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) : RPM is perhaps the best-known package management program.
  • Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) : Initially developed for use on Debian GNU/Linux, APT has since been adapted to work with many other distributions (e.g., Solaris, Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, and Yellow Dog Linux).