Computer&Laptop AMC Service

4 Sep, 2014
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We are a reliable Service Provider offering Computer/Laptop AMC Services  to the clients in Delhi. We have a team of highly qualified engineers who render these Computer/Laptop AMC Services. We offer two types of Computer/Laptop AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services :

Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract :

Non-comprehensive Computer/ Laptop AMC includes repair & services only with cost of defective products to be borne by the customers

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract :
Comprehensive Computer/ Laptop AMC’s includes all parts. Clients are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced

The Computer/Laptop AMC Services also includes :

 Computer hardware diagnose
Troubleshooting & computer repair

All kind software installation and troubleshooting software problems

Virus and spyware removal and protection

Slow computer solution

Monthly removal of unwanted applications

Upgrades / hardware installation

Tune-ups & preventative maintenance

Scanning for spyware

Defragmentation of hard drive for quicker file access

Scanning hard drive for physical disk errors

Removing excess temporary files from your system

Cleaning out dust and buildup inside the case

Vacuuming and blowing out the case and fans

Updating windows with the latest security patches

Updating anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and other security programs